The governance of Leigh Academies Trust is detailed within a master funding agreement, along with supplemental funding agreements between the Trust and the Department for Education for each academy. 

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The Trust’s Members are, in essence, the shareholders of the company. They are appointed by the Sponsors and their number always includes the Chair of the Trust Board. The Members have several functions:

  • To sign the memorandum, to sign/amend the articles of association and to determine the name of the Trust;
  • To receive the Trust’s accounts and report, and to appoint/remove the auditors;
  • To appoint Members and Trustees (also known as Directors);
  • To ensure that the Trust’s charitable objective is being met; and
  • To dissolve the Trust.

This group holds an annual general meeting, usually each December.

The Directors of Leigh Academies Trust (also known as Trustees), who sit on the Trust Board, are legally required to discharge a range of powers and responsibilities, working in close partnership with the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Academies Directors, other Executive Directors and the Principals of the academies, to ensure that the academies provide the best possible education for all students.

The Trust Board sets the vision and aims of the Trust and its academies, as well as the strategy and policy to deliver its key objectives. It appoints the Chief Executive Officer and has ultimate responsibility for all budgets, salaries and safeguarding.

Apart from ensuring good governance, the Trust Board’s primary objectives are to assist the Executive in delivering the best possible outcomes for all students, and to hold the Executive to account for the ways in which this is carried out. It does this through the Academy Boards, which report any local concerns with implications for the organisation as a whole directly to the Trust Board and ensure that the latter’s decisions are implemented at local level.

The Academy Boards are responsible for the day-to-day management and governance of all the academies under their jurisdiction. All but one oversee a secondary or special academy and many oversee one or more primary academies as well. Most leadership and managerial tasks are delegated to the Principal of each academy. The majority of the other Academy Board members are external governors, appointed for their knowledge, skills and links with the local community, together with a parent governor and a staff governor, each elected by other parents or staff. The Principal of the relevant secondary or special academy also sits on the Academy Board, as do the Academies Director responsible for the relevant cluster of academies and a Principal of another Trust academy. Chairs of some Academy Boards are represented on the Trust Board to ensure effective, coherent governance across the Trust.

Governors are expected to make several visits to their academies during each academic year, enabling them to understand and monitor the academies’ work and progress. Following their visits, they submit reports for consideration by the relevant Academy Board so that important lessons can be learned and outstanding issues addressed.

In addition to the Academy Boards, there are three Committees that consider cross-cutting Trust issues: the Standards Committee, the Resources Committee and the Audit Committee, each reporting directly to the Trust Board. The Committees are made up of Directors and Governors from across the Academy Boards.

The current Directors and Governors of the Trust are shown in the diagrams below, each of which relates to a particular geographical cluster of academies:

View the Director and Governor attendance records at Trust Board, Standards Committee, Resources Committee, Audit Committee and Academy Board meetings over the last year.

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