The Leigh Academies Trust understands that sustainable links between our academies and the local business community is mutually beneficial. Our aim is to equip every student with an enhanced range of skills and awareness of the world of work that will prepare them for a successful transition into employment. Our valued business partnerships can take many forms:

Business projects linked to the curriculum

We know how important real experience is. Businesses benefit from the very real results that our older students produce, whilst our students gain the opportunity to solve a problem in a useful manner. For younger pupils, these projects help to open their eyes to the world of work.

Mentoring students on a 1:2 or 1:1 basis

Selected students benefit from the wisdom, experience and guidance of those who have either started a business or risen through the ranks of a business.The Trust provides full support, training and safeguarding. For the mentee, the mentor becomes an impartial adviser whilst the mentor develops further managerial skills in this fulfilling volunteer role.

Clive Barker, Chairman of CSB Logistics and Governor of The Leigh UTC, explains why he became a mentor:

“Relating your real-life experiences – the challenges you faced and the opportunities you took with your own personal development – is a natural way to communicate and help young people.

Because you’re not closely related to the mentee and are not their teacher you can be on their side and advise them with no other emotional or targeted motive than to help them.”

Workplace visits by students

Visits to workplaces are another useful way for our students to explore and understand the working world. They provide opportunities for employers to showcase businesses to potential employees, those who live in their local community or maybe even suppliers or customers of the future.

Employer visits to our academies

Our students are always keen to learn more about the world around them. We actively welcome business speakers to visit our academies to share their industry knowledge and explain why young people might want to look at particular industries for future employment.

Careers and employability events

The Trust regularly arranges career events where local employers and further education providers can elaborate upon career path options available to our young people.

Work experience placements

Meaningful work experience, we believe, is an invaluable part of our older student’s journey. A test drive of what it is like to be in the workplace as a practical exercise develops effective skills for future employment. Employers are offered the opportunity to better understand young people in the workplace and potentially meet their future workforce. Placements can be for one week, two weeks or one or more days per week dependent upon the student or Academy concerned.

Competitions, awards and sponsorship

We invite businesses to collaborate with the Trust in running work and learning based competitions and awards. Sponsorship is a well respected method of business promotion.


Experienced businessmen and women are increasingly discovering how rewarding it is to be a Governor at academies within the Trust, making real decisions to shape the future.

Shaping Lives, Transforming Communities – become part of our community

If your business is interested in working with Leigh Academies Trust, please visit the contact us page to send us an enquiry.