The Hundred of Hoo Academy – Ready to be Judged “Outstanding” in all areas by Ofsted

Students from The Hundred of Hoo Academy

On 19th March Ofsted completed an section 8 inspection of The Hundred of Hoo Academy in Medway, which is part of Leigh Academies Trust. 

We are delighted to announce that the Ofsted team believed there is enough evidence of improved performance to suggest that the school would be judged outstanding in all areas if a section 5 inspection were to be conducted. This has never before been achieved by a non-selective secondary or all-through school in Medway. Therefore, The Hundred of Hoo Academy will now receive a full inspection within one to two years. 

The report itself can be found attached to this statement and will be published on Ofsted’s website in the coming days. It highlights the many outstanding elements of The Hundred of Hoo Academy that include: 

“Pupils thrive at this happy and welcoming school.” 

“…all pupils benefit from calm classrooms where they can concentrate on their work.” “Pupils are keen to demonstrate how much they have learned and they are confident in discussing this learning.” 

“They are ambitious for what the future holds and they have high aspirations.” 

The report demonstrated the amazing journey of improvements made at The Hundred of Hoo Academy over the past five and half years and shows how far the school has come since its last inspection in 2018 and joined Leigh Academies Trust in 2019. 

In response to receiving the glowing report, Carl Guerin-Hassett, Principal of the secondary phase of the school said: 

“I am absolutely delighted that the hard work undertaken by the The Hundred of Hoo Academy staff and Leigh Academies Trust community has been formally recognised by Ofsted. The reflective and driven nature of leaders and governors, alongside the incredible commitment of teaching and support staff, ensures that pupils benefit from calm classrooms where they receive a high-quality education underpinned by our International Baccalaureate curriculum.” 

Mike Etheridge, Principal of the primary phase also added, 

“Being recognised for our collective effort in nurturing a thriving school environment reaffirms our commitment to excellence. At The Hundred of Hoo Academy, we’ve created a foundation that supports every pupil’s ambitions and fosters their confidence to pursue high aspirations. This potential Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ rating is a fantastic achievement that we hope staff, parents and students can be proud of.”