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Milestone Academy is a proud school serving students aged 2-19 with special educational needs. Each day our students bring their own unique energy into their school. In turn we ensure that they receive high-quality educational provision, delivered through the immensely capable and effective hands of our staff.

The site itself presents a safe, welcoming environment with students placed in one of four settings:

  • Nursery;
  • Primary;
  • Secondary key stage 3;
  • Secondary 14-19 years

We recognise that adopting a personalised approach is critical for each student’s development and we therefore invest a significant amount of time assessing the student’s needs, ensuring that we can respond in the most specific manner. This approach is repeated throughout their time with us.

Personal independence is quite rightly an aim for each of our students. Both inside and outside the classroom, therefore, we pride ourselves on an approach that accelerates the development of life skills and enhances communication techniques. In parallel, we ensure that each student is taught the appropriate national curriculum subjects, as well as literacy and numeracy skills.

We may be one of the largest schools of this type in England, but each student is extremely well-known by the adults in their class. The appropriate mix of safety, care and challenge is delivered to each student, every single day that they attend Milestone Academy.