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High Weald Academy

Central Kent

The High Weald Academy is a small school serving a widespread rural community set in the heart of Cranbrook. We are committed to delivering high quality education and strong pastoral care, where our students are encouraged and supported to achieve both personal and academic success. We have a strong community feel and pride ourselves in having an inclusive culture with a welcoming and family ethos. High Weald Academy has high expectations of all students and aims to ensure that students achieve the highest possible academic results as well as supporting them to develop as good citizens able to take their place in the world.  We have an active and supportive parent body who are advocates of the work we do and promote the academy positively in the local area.

The academy currently has just under 300 students. The School Farm is outstanding and wins a range of accolades and prizes as a result of the work we do with the community and local primary schools.  It also gives opportunities to learn in a different context within and beyond the curriculum.

The High Weald Academy is on a trajectory of improvement.  Our key priority and focus is to remove the barriers to learning in order to secure good and better progress and outcomes for all students no matter what their starting points or challenges.  Working with the Leigh Academies Trust, a multi-academy trust, this is an academy that is committed to ensuring that children achieve well and are given every opportunity to develop a diverse range of skills and abilities that will serve them well in adult life. At a time of flux in education we have a strong belief that schools can no longer exist in isolation and that partnerships of this kind are a way of providing stability, support and innovation.

We welcome the opportunity to show you round and to talk to you in person either today or on a future visit. Choosing a secondary school is a huge decision and it is important that you are able to make the right choice for your child. Do tell us about your son or daughter’s interests, abilities and personality and we will show you how The High Weald Academy can provide an environment in which they will thrive.