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Becoming a teacher is often a desire that many people have at some point during their studies or careers; some suppress it while others act on it and change not only their life, but the lives of others around them.  Regardless of your background and experience, it is never too late to teach – every year, thousands make the jump and train to teach. 

We appreciate that the process of getting into the profession can seem daunting; there are a variety of routes and navigating the options can be confusing.  We have a dedicated team that are here to help you through every step on the journey from deciding if this is the right career for you through to registering with UCAS and helping you prepare for your first day.

So, where should you start?

Unsurprisingly, the first important decision you need to make is if teaching is the career for you.  We speak to a variety of people on a daily basis who are at varying stages; it may just be that they are enquiring into the process, others may be certain that they want to become a teacher.  The reasons for getting into teaching are unique to you – see how they match up with how others view the profession.

  • Enjoyment from working with children and young people
  • Being able to directly make a difference and change lives; shape lives and have a real impact on the next generation
  • The variety that every day brings
  • They were inspired by their own Teacher when they were at school
  • Being able to share their genuine passion for their subject
  • The fun that the profession brings!
  • The longer holidays
  • Other family members already work in education and have a positive influence
  • They may have had a poor experience when they were at school
  • They want a career that fits with having a family
  • The desire to work in a profession that truly values continual professional development
  • Opportunity to build a career in a professional role that has meaning and value way beyond mere profits and shareholders

Furthermore, there are a number of characteristics we see in our most successful Teachers which we look for in prospective trainees.  Read our key attributes below and see if you have what it takes!  We’d expect you to identify positively with the majority of the statements, but please be mindful this is only a guide for our purposes.

  • I am seeking a career that promotes creative thinking.
  • I enjoy working with children/young adults and have a passion to improve their lives and my community.
  • I would describe myself as patient.
  • I have an ability to multi-task even when in an environment with multiple distractions.
  • I am open-minded.
  • I strive to find solutions when faced with a problem.
  • I am a confident public speaker with a variety of audiences.
  • People would describe me as attentive and compassionate.
  • I have an interest and genuine passion for my subject area.
  • I have excellent time management and organisational skills.

Who is eligible for Teacher Training?

Leigh Academies Trust provides support for recent graduates who feel they are ready to enter the classroom right the way through to experienced professionals from industry who are seeking a career change.  Your experience and knowledge are what will ultimately determine what training route will suit you most.

Aside from your background, there are mandatory criteria which every trainee will need to satisfy in order to be accepted onto the programme.

GCSE requirements

The basic requirements for GCSE grades if you want to train to teach are:

a GCSE grade C (or equivalent) in Maths and English to be able to teach at secondary level

a GCSE grade C (or equivalent) in Maths, English and Science to be able to teach at primary level

If you have overseas equivalent qualifications, you should contact your preferred training provider to check on eligibility, as they make the final judgement on equivalency and may need you to provide NARIC recognised qualifications.

If you don’t meet these criteria, you should contact us as we make the final decision on equivalent qualifications, and we may offer you the opportunity to sit a GCSE equivalency test.  If this choice is not available, you could consider a part-time GCSE or Open Access course at your local further education college. You’ll need to cover the cost of any such course yourself.

Degree requirements 

You need a degree to gain qualified teacher status (QTS). 

On postgraduate courses, the class of your degree may help to determine the level of funding you could receive during your training – find out about funding for teacher training.

What does Leigh Academies Trust offer?

Whilst we offer PGCE University students the opportunity to complete placements with us, our main remit is to offer School Direct Teacher Training partnered with Kent & Medway Training.

  • more practical, hands-on preparation overseen by experienced teachers
  • more leeway for schools to appoint a trainee of their choice; schools shortlist, conduct interviews and assess the experience and skills of candidates in relation to the needs of the school
  • immediate immersion in school life
  • active members of the community from the off
  • build lasting relationships with students and colleagues
  • this route suits those who have the confidence to jump in at the deep end and/or experience of working schools
  • for those who don’t want to do another year with a University after just having completed three/four years of University. For some, the opportunity to work on the job is an attractive option

All training courses that we offer lead to QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and all come with a top-up option for PGCE and 60 Masters Credits accredited by Leeds Beckett University (distance learning).  We can help you decide which is the best option for you.

QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) means that you have met the statutory requirements (The Teachers’ Standards 2012) for teaching in the UK. You need QTS to be able to teach in maintained schools in the UK.

A PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) is an additional academic qualification which includes QTS. Some PGCE courses count as part of a Masters in Education course.

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