Ofsted judge Milestone Academy outstanding!

We are delighted to share that Milestone Academy has been judged outstanding for the third time in succession.

Pupils “believe in themselves because they experience success every day.

Milestone Academy was inspected on 17th/18th of December 2019; the above quote reflects the impact of the high-quality work of every member of Milestone staff, every day, for the benefit of every pupil.

Milestone Academy is the first LAT Academy to be inspected under the new Education Inspection Framework launched by OFSTED in September 2019. The inspection involved an in-depth initial phone call to the Principal and his senior leadership team on the day before the inspection, followed by a two-day inspection. The subsequent report relates to three areas:

  • What is it like to attend this school?
  • What does the school do well and what does it need to do better?
  • Safeguarding.

Nigel Jones, the Principal of Milestone, stated:

“The deep inspection process over the two days covered the entire estate of Milestone Academy (the main site and our three satellites, based at LAT primaries and secondaries). We are so proud of the report’s opening sentence: “Pupils are happy in this school and attendance is high because their individual needs are at the heart of all decision-making”.

The inspectors celebrated the quality of the programmes of learning delivered across all Milestone settings when they stated: “At the main school site and at each of the satellite provisions, pupils enjoy a highly personal, effective curriculum that inspires and enables pupils to make strong progress in their learning”.

Learning at Milestone Academy occurs both inside and outside the classroom and the value of personal development is key for all staff. It was, therefore, pleasing to note the report’s acknowledgement that “Educational and well-being needs are catered for at an exceptionally high level”.

With safeguarding judged ‘effective’ by OFSTED and parental satisfaction a key indicator for Nigel and his staff, it was particularly satisfying to read in the safeguarding section of the report:

“Parents commented that the ‘standards of care (were) exceptional’ and the ‘best they could hope for’, reflecting the general views of the many”.

Nigel is immensely proud of the commitment of his entire staff (both in and beyond the classroom) to educating each pupil on a daily basis and equally delighted that OFSTED noted the staff’s drive and desire to help all pupils look to the future. This is captured in the following quotes from the report:

“Ambitious teachers and support staff move pupils on at pace when they are ready;”
“Staff have an unwavering moral commitment to prepare pupils to lead a rich, successful and happy life;” and
“Staff have high expectations and provide exceptional levels of care for pupils’ wider needs.”

The active support that LAT provides is acknowledged in the report, which states that pupils enjoy a wide range of extracurricular opportunities “that include trust-wide sports and enrichment opportunities”.

Milestone Academy is a proud member of Leigh Academies Trust and sincerely values the active, ongoing support and healthy, vibrant challenge provided by Theresa Davies (Board Chair) and the Board of Milestone Academy, Neil Willis (Chief Operating Officer, LAT) and Simon Beamish (Chief Executive Officer, LAT).

The full report is available to download here.


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