Counselling talk at Hundred of Hoo Academy

Today, The Hundred of Hoo Academy had its second largest talk this year from Paula Johnson, school counsellor.

Paula has been a counsellor for 12 years and informed students about the different routes to becoming a counsellor. She explained all about her career from working for the NHS to becoming self-employed.

Paula provided insight into how she helps her clients with things such as relationship difficulties, the death of a loved one, or improving the way they deal with everyday life. Paula explained that it is not the role of a counsellor to advise people what to do but to encourage them to look at the choices they have and find their own ways of making positive changes.

Feedback:  “Paula included lots of information we needed to know about what the job is like and she answered all my questions before I got a chance to ask them. Not only is she our school counselor she has helped me find the right University course and what I needed to study. She also gave me lots of her own books to help me decide which i wasn’t expecting. She has been so helpful to have here at school not just as a counsellor but as a role model.”

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