Careers Focus on Business and Finance at Wilmington Academy

As part of a series of drop down careers assemblies, post 16 students from Wilmington Academy welcomed guest speaker, Alan Bolton, from local accountancy firm, Adams & Moore.

Presenting to a packed room of interested students, Alan discussed what business and finance are and where they are carried out as well as the roles that would be included.

Alan further elaborated upon the scope and duties of each such role within a firm such as his own.

Moving on, Alan talked about the threats to his industry and the changes brought about by both technology and legislation-something he considers important for students to understand when considering a career path.

In conclusion, Alan spoke about the type of skills required to work in his field:

  • Good communication skills
  • An inquiring mind
  • Problem solving skills
  • The art of negotiation

He stressed that accountancy is not about sitting behind a screen and is very people focussed.

Finally, he explained the types of qualifications that students will need for such a career.

Sincere thanks to Alan for taking the time to come to inform our students.


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