Inventing at Stoke Primary and Allhallows Primary Academies

Robin Class at Stoke Primary Academy (mixed year 3 and 4)

Sincere thanks to Phil Edwards of Weald Technology for delivering two workshops on inventing- one at Stoke Primary Academy and one at Allhallows Primary Academy.

In the run up to the forthcoming inter-Trust competition #LeighInnovate19, pupils very much enjoyed thought provoking challenges:

Challenge 1- Imagination

How many different uses can you find for a belt?

Challenge 2- Imagination
How many different ways could we hold up our trousers?

Pupils wrote about and drew their many ideas

Examples from Nature
Phil went on to illustrate how utilising designs from nature can be really effective- this is known as biomimicry.
Examples were:
The peregrine falcon/blackbird aircraft
Kingfisher beak/super fast trains
Humpback whale/wind turbine
Beetle/water capture
Termite mound/super efficient energy saving hotel

Challenge 3- Imagination

Think of all the different materials that we could use to make a chair?

Challenge 4- Creativity
Select one or more materials and get creative designing a chair?
Students were asked to consider “What’s really important for YOUR design?”
● Recyclable?
● Age of user?
● Size?
● Weight?
● Comfort?
● Cost?
● Style?

Pupils enthusiastically set out their tasks and very much enjoyed the workshops.

Thank you to Phil for inspiring our pupils