‘Who we are’ – an inquiry into healthy living for Year 1 at Molehill Primary Academy

As part of their “Who we are” transdisciplinary theme, year 1 pupils at Molehill Primary Academy had a visit from nurse, Lisa Tritton on Friday 11th October.

Lisa began by talking to pupils about what experiences they might have already had of nurses and what they do.

As part of her visit, students excitedly took part in a number of activities on health:

  • Practising teeth cleaning with a huge set of false teeth and even larger toothbrush
  • Using stethoscopes to hear each other’s heart beats
  • Discussing and allocating food stuffs into healthy and unhealthy categories

Lisa brought several stethoscopes with her

Practising teeth cleaning

Lisa explained the importance of drinking enough and what can happen if not enough water is consumed. She explained that in hospital, nurses are responsible for ensuring that patients have enough to drink and that this fluid could even be from putting a patient on a drip.

Dividing food stuffs into healthy and unhealthy categories

Lisa also brought a blood pressure monitor with her as one things that nurses often use to measure something. She discussed the types of activities that a nurse might be involved in and the types of measuring that might be involved:

Blood pressure

Lisa went on to show pupils how they take their own pulse.

After the lively activities, pupils had their opportunity to ask questions of their guest:

“Where are you from? ”

“How do you fix a broken ankle? “

“How do you test blood? “

“When did you know you wanted to be a nurse? “

“What’s the most difficult part about being a nurse? “

“What do you need to do to be a nurse? “

Lisa gave comprehensive answers explaining that she now teaches new nurses at a big hospital in Dartford, Darent Valley, although she lives only 5 minutes away from Molehill Primary Academy. She didn’t always want to be a nurse but really enjoys the variety of the job and has even worked in New Zealand! She explained that to be a nurse, a three year degree at University is necessary with a variety of work placements and that hard work is essential. In answering clinical questions, Lisa explained about several areas of medicine including radiography, microbiology and orthopaedics (“there are a lot of big words in nursing”!)

When asked, many pupils said that they would like to be a nurse or doctor when they grow up.

Lisa further elaborated upon the importance of science and how pupils could expand their knowledge of healthy eating and could even go home and show their families how to find their heart rates!

Many thanks to Lisa for coming to Molehill Primary Academy and informing and inspiring our pupils.

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