Ofsted judge Langley Park Primary Academy Outstanding in three areas and Good overall

As a new primary academy, Langley Park had been expecting “the call” for the last year and, on the 18th and 19th June, the academy had its first Ofsted Section 5 inspection.

The inspection was very rigorous. The story of a new school is difficult to explain at the best of times: there is no inherited way of doing things; documents that you reach for aren’t there; you have to establish a culture and ethos from nothing; and building works have been going on for over two years. By the end of the two days, the team were well acquainted with the journey the academy has been on. Staff were ready, children were ready and the Trust team arrived to ensure that everything was to hand and lend support.

The Langley Park team are delighted that their work over the last three years has been recognised following receipt of the inspection report. The inspectors commented positively on the conduct of the children, the welcoming ethos, the support of the Trust and the overwhelming support of parents at Langley Park.

Now that the inspection is over, staff can focus on the future as the end of the year approaches and the next stage of Langley Park’s journey looms. In September, the academy will welcome another 60 children into the oversubscribed reception section as the eldest cohort moves into Year 5 – but not before a summer holiday and a chance to recharge batteries!

Click here to download the report.

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