Longfield Academy student represents England in Cheerleading Team taking first place

The first competition Phoebe competed in was ICU which stands for International Cheer Union in the Team England All Girl Advanced division which is at level 4 and the floor is a dead floor. They were up against 9 teams from around the world and came first place winning a gold medal, a Worlds ring and being crowned World Champions. This also means that they are unable to compete at this level next year and would have to go up a level to Elite which is level 5.

The next competition was USASF and to compete at Worlds you need to have won a bid at a previous competition and they compete on a sprung floor. The division that she competes in is International Open All Girl Senior level 5. This is the 3rd year that Phoebe has competed at Worlds for ICE5 and last year they were ranked 10th in the world. This year they were against 42 other teams in this division with 6 of the teams being English and only 3 teams from each country where able to get through to day 2. On day 1 they hit zero which means they made no mistakes in their routine and got through to day 2 in 2nd place out of the English teams. Day 2 they again hit zero and got into the top 10 and was placed 6th in the world in their category.

The final competition was called The Summit and again you had to receive a bid by winning a previous competition. This is the first time ICE have taken an International Open level 4 team to this competition. They were up against 6 teams from different countries and on day one made no mistakes & hit zero putting them through to day 2, on day 2 they put out another good routine putting them into 3rd place.

Phoebe Lovell is in the USA competing in the World Cheerleading Championships. Team England Advance Girls came 1st.
Here is the winning routine

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