BAE Systems Education Programme Roadshow at Mascalls Academy

The BAE Systems Education Programme Roadshow – delivered in partnership with the RAF and the Royal Navy

Mascalls Academy students in years 7 and 8 had the opportunity of taking part in a science roadshow on 8th May with the aim of promoting STEM activities in KS3.

BAE systems have been celebrating more than 10 years of making a difference in the perception of STEM subjects in schools. It was the first time they had visited Mascalls Academy and were thrilled by the enthusiasm and interest displayed by the students.

The main theme was communication which covered mobile and data transmission and the uses of the electromagnetic spectrum. The students were very excited about watching hoverboards, night vision goggles and sphero robotic balls in action as well as taking part in various STEM challenges and games. We hope that it inspired excitement in STEM subjects as the programme reflected specific curriculum elements as well as delivering fun, engaging activities..

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