Legally Blonde Jr at Longfield Academy    

Legally Blonde is a show that prides itself on being fun, high-energy, (very pink) and a full-on celebration of how working hard always pays off in the end. That’s not just the case with the music and script; it is a testament to the cast and crew who put it together.

Much like the 2001 film, the story tells of Californian Sorority Girls, Elle Woods (played by year 10 Longfield Academy’s student Sasha), getting into Harvard Law in order to pursue the boyfriend who dumped her because she isn’t “serious” enough. With the help of her friends, Elle goes on to not only win over her professors, classmates and her ex boyfriend, Warner (played by Alfie, Year 9), but also stands up for herself in the face of criticism and unfair prejudice.

Everyone came out of the theatre on Thursday and Friday night with a smile on their face. Not only was the show everything it promised to be, but the talent and professionalism of the every single member of the cast was something that hadn’t been seen on this scale before. Legally Blonde Junior welcomed the largest and youngest cast ever to grace the Longfield Academy stage, and it absolutely paid off. The energy and enthusiasm of the Delta Nu Sorority girls was something that was particularly impressive, and the stage came alive every time they entered the stage. Additionally, the large chorus numbers were punctuated by individual characters, making Harvard Law students seem far from boring.

I could go on forever about every single person in the cast, because everyone stood out; Elle’s 3 best friends (Taylor and Daisy year 9, Jade, year 13) were sassy, funny and supportive, Emmett (James, year 10) was the perfect bumbling love interest, Warner (Alfie, year 9) was suave and the best under-the-thumb boyfriend of Vivienne (Katelyn, year 9). Paulette (Shania, year 9) was sweet and believably unfortunate in love. But these are just a few of the performances that made the show a standard above all others.

It goes without saying that the part of Elle was a role Sasha was born to play. There was never a point where the audience felt like they were anything but in safe hands with her and is has been wonderful to watch her grow into a star over the last few years, as is the case with everyone in the cast.

A special mention has to go to the four-legged cast members, Willow (Bruiser) and Hugo (Rufus) who stole every scene they were in, and who proved that it is just about possible to work with children and animals.

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to three of our long-time performers, Olivia, Megan and Jade, who leave Longfield at the end of the year. These girls have played a part in almost every single production and their growth as performers has been phenomenal. We wish them all the luck in the future.

A huge thank you to all cast and crew involved in bringing the show together.

The next production by the Performing Arts department will be Shakespeare Shorts in July 2019.

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