Gleaming spires of Oxford inspire Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy students

At the crack of dawn on Friday 15th February, students awoke extra early and persevered through the painful journey to school for 7:30, a whole hour before the usual school start! Fifteen students, plus Mr Spark and Mr Thomas, set of in the school minibus to Oxford University for the day, loaded with enough snacks for a village and enough battery power to last a lifetime!

Upon arrival in the outskirts, the group made the pleasant 20 minute walk through the idyllic streets to Mansfield College where they were warmly greeted by the staff. After a short presentation all about general Oxford life, they had the opportunity to ask current students about their day-to-day lives. They then had the pleasure of a campus tour; the countless ancient libraries, the beautiful picturesque grounds, and the huge stunning Chapel, and could sense the deep respect that everyone has for this prestigious building.

After a delicious lunch, the visitors had a chance to talk in depth with some other students in small groups, gaining insights to the content of their courses and collaborating on ideas.

Student comment: “It was such an honour to have an inside look this fabulous university. Everyone there was so friendly and inclusive and it felt like a big family. Thanks to our amazing teachers Mr Thomas and Mr Spark for putting up with us, to school, and to Oxford University, for facilitating this inspiring and informative day!”