Science Week at Molehill Primary Academy

Pupils at Molehill Primary Academy enjoyed a wide range of activities during National Science Week based on the theme of transport. They were helped by professional engineers who visited the school to present workshops and, question and answer sessions.

The KS2 children really rose to the challenge set by one engineer ‘Future Transport for Maidstone’ using their problem solving skills and imagination to create vehicles to whizz through traffic and cut pollution. In another workshop, children made fan boats that included a complicated electric circuit; they were all successful and seaworthy! The engineer was very impressed.

KS1 children took part in a gears workshop where they explored how a small amount of force could be increased by gears. They also made vehicles, explored the human digestive system using their own models, tested materials travelling down ramps and launched rockets from bottles.

In EYFS more rockets were launched. All of KS1 enjoyed the science show presented Year 6 professors: Anastasia, Jade, Joseph, Samuel, Brandon and Dolina.

Many more activities took place throughout the school including making balloon buggies, flying kites using magnets and balloon races. Year 5 worked on reversible and irreversible changes: one of the most popular results being chocolate mug cakes!

The children proved themselves to be excellent scientists using their curiosity and investigative and problem solving skills during the week. Their enthusiasm resulted in some amazing ideas, many of them relevant to the future needs of our planet.

Well done Molehill scientists of the future!