HUGE fundraising total reached across all LAT academies for Greg Keating

This month, academies across LAT took  part in fundraising activities to support Greg Keating, a Teacher of ICT  at our Mascalls Academy who earlier this year contracted meningococcal sepsis and Neisseria meningitis. Initially, doctors feared for his life as the sepsis caused total organ failure along with necrosis of the legs and fingers, resulting in him being placed in a coma for 6 weeks. Remarkably and against the odds Greg pulled through but tragically because of the infection he lost both of his legs and the fingers on both of his hands during his recovery.

Over the last few months, Greg has shown remarkable strength and courage to get back to as normal a life as possible. He is a truly inspiring individual who is currently undergoing significant rehabilitation to allow his to return to the classroom at some point in the next 6-8 months.

Greg believes that every child deserves an education and despite his disabilities wants to return to teaching to inspire and encourage the younger generation and provide them with the IT skills required for this technical age and to show them that  regardless of how many times you are knocked down, just pick yourself up and keep going.

To help Greg we held non-uniform days  across the Trust to raise money. Greg is a Gillingham FC fan. All pupils and staff across LAT were, therefore, invited to wear Gillingham and Mascalls blue for Greg to raise funds. These funds will be used to purchase better quality prosthetic limbs to help him get around more easily. From the ‘Wear Blue for Greg’ day alone, acadmies raised an amazing…


Academies have also held additional fund raisers which have included fun runs, bake sales and other activities.  If you would like to donate privately through Greg’s own crowdfunding web page then you can do still so here.

Your donations could make a major difference to one of the most remarkable members of our Trust family.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped to raise this truly magnificent amount of money for such a great cause.  We look forward to presenting Greg with the monies raised from the Trust shortly.

Dartford Primary Academy

Longfield Academy

Molehill Primary Academy

The Leigh Academy

Wilmington Academy

Langley Park Primary Academy