Hartley Primary Academy and Dartford Primary LINK Together

Over this academic year, Year 5  children from Hartley Primary have been ‘linking’ with Year 5 children in Dartford Primary Academy, thanks to the hard work of two teachers – Mrs Bransgrove from Hartley and Miss Morrison from Dartford.

When the children from Chestnut visited Poseidon class at Dartford Primary in June; the children were literally ‘joined together’ in an exciting range of ‘fun’ activities.

We arrived at DPA and met up with the friends we made on our first visit. We started with ‘heads down, thumbs up’ a popular game! We mixed into pairs and drew our own faces which we stuck together…..We matched with children who had ‘similar things’, linking with a continually unravelling ball of string….at the end it looked like a complex cobweb. We had an amazing breaktime…In pairs we created videos about our similarities and differences….. Unfortunately we had to leave; this was one of the BEST YEAR 5 DAYS EVER!

(Callum, Chestnut Class, Hartley Primary Academy)

Chestnut class can’t wait until Poseidon pay a return visit in the next couple of weeks! The outdoor classroom and IPads are booked and you never know, s’mores could be on the menu!