Fabulous Finish at Molehill Primary Academy

On Thursday 24th May, Molehill Primary Academy held its fifth termly fabulous finish event. The parents and guardians of children in the school were invited into class to take part in a range of activities including medieval banquets, sculpting, mindfulness activities, Celtic face-painting and philosophy.

This was also an opportunity for parents to informally look at the children’s work and for children to discuss their favourite learning and proudest work with their parents.

Parents said, “I really enjoy coming in to these afternoons, just to see my child’s work and having a chat with the teacher is very helpful to make sure he is on track.” and “Today’s feast was lovely. I am very pleased with how my child is getting on, especially in reading.”

The staff at Molehill Primary Academy look forward to welcoming parents back into school for the final fabulous finish in term 6!