Sumdog Maths Champions at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Once again Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy students swept the board in the Greenwich Sumdog Maths Challenge for Key Stage 3! The top 11 classes (out of 45 entered) were all from SCWA!

Our students were daily winners on 4 out of 5 days:

Monday 8e/Ma1

Tuesday 7PGP (2nd place overall, 3 months class subscription as their prize)

Wednesday 7ADN

Thursday 8d/Ma2 (overall winners and were awarded 6 months class subscription).

8LWD were also 3rd place overall, winning 3 months class subscription as their prize.

When it came to individual scores six SCWA students (Kornelija Maiziesiute, Lili Castle, Steven Tidnam, George Naylor, Cameron Cuthbert and Alicia Stephens) finished in the top 10!

Congratulations to all students for their outstanding success.