Mascalls Academy students at PGL Centre for Netball and Football tournament

Over the weekend of 16th – 18th March, four members of the Mascalls Academy PE Department (Mike Illsley, Gaby Johnson, Lauren Skates and Jamie Charman) and one honorary member (Niamh Dunne) took 56 pupils to a PGL centre in Liddington for a Netball and Football tournament. It was the fourth time the PE department has run the trip.

All pupils were well behaved, despite the cold weather, it didn’t affect spirit! The girls performed amazingly well in their tournament, winning the first two games and the boys battled well with the elements in their first training session.

Saturday night started with a dusting of snow which continued all through the night, they then woke up to 5 inches of snow on the Sunday morning! Unfortunately, this meant that the girls netball tournament was cancelled and the boys football tournament was also cancelled. Right decision, based on the conditions!

It was a shame to end the weekend like this, however, the pupils all had a wonderful time and all came back smiling after a day of adventurous activities provided by PGL.

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