Oaks Primary Academy EYFS Winter Olympics

Children at Oaks Primary Academy recently celebrated the Winter Olympics with their own games at Chatham Ski Centre.

First stop, the toboggan run!

The children listened very carefully to the instructor who explained how to work the brake. To slow down they had to pull it up, to go faster it went down.

1 2

They waited very patiently for their turn.

The finish line is in sight.


They loved going faster and faster.

Next was the snow tubing.   The children used all of their muscles to take their snow tubes to the top of the slope.  Here they are whizzing back down again!


5 6 4

Finally, the children were taught how to walk in their ski boots and put on their skis before starting to slide down the slope!  Even though they fell down, they persevered to get back up again!

They even learnt how to jump using the skis!

7 8

It’s no surprise they fell asleep on the way back!