Inventions and Inventors at Molehill Primary Academy

Forming the beginning of their topic on inventors and inventions, years 3 and 4 at Molehill Primary Academy were given an informative presentation from Huw Prosser, CEO of Bloorware Technology,, on Friday 23rd February.

Huw is an alumni of The Leigh UTC in Dartford and left school last year. Huw explained that he became an inventor at the age of 7 and has always wanted to be a business owner. His curiosity for inventing started when he began “breaking stuff” to see how it works and then “making stuff” from it.

Staff at Molehill Primary Academy were very impressed with how Huw related to and engaged with students in charting his journey from a tiny Primary School in Devon to becoming a student at The Leigh UTC, then explaining how the academy Principal assisted by introducing him to a “wise man”, Clive Barker, who has significant business acumen and has helped him on his business journey.

Pupils were fascinated to hear how Huw was inspired to build his digital receptionist, Molli and his thoughts on what you need to be an inventor- fundamentally, ‘if you want to be an inventor, you can’. He deftly explained his belief that everyone should do “what makes them smile”.

The children asked some very probing questions including:

“How does Molli help people?”
“Does Molli have feelings?”
“What don’t you like about Molli?”

Huw gave comprehensive answers explaining how Molli can be used in a number of ways to register and message guests and help to keep them safe in the event of an emergency. He spoke about machine learning in relation to feelings explaining that Molli does not have emotions but can interpret how humans are behaving and respond accordingly. His explained that the only time he does not like Molli is when something goes wrong! The determination shown, hard work and long hours that Huw has put in to get to this point in his career was clear.

Students are now embarking on written work to explore how an invention such as Molli could be used in an environment familiar to them – their own academy. We look forward to seeing their work.

Many thanks to Huw for taking the time to visit Molehill Primary Academy.