Speakers Trust at Wilmington Academy

Wilmington Academy were very fortunate recently to welcome Hilary Lyons from Speakers Trust to work with 22 year 11 students on Public Speaking. We are in an era when students will require excellent communication skills to prepare them for either university or the workplace and Speakers Trust have been generously supported by the Colyer-Ferguson Charitable Trust enabling them to be able to offer this excellent training to a number of Schools in Kent and Medway.

Hilary started with a few warm up exercises, which assisted the students with some relaxation prior to beginning to prepare their speeches. Speakers Trust highlight on their website that they unlock potential through the power of communication. Their vision is ‘for every young person to be able to speak confidently and to be heard’.

The warm up exercises began by looking at body language when speaking publicly. The day did take a number of the students out of their comfort zone.  However, they all embraced the exercises and started to relax.

Throughout the day, Hilary worked on their self-confidence with a variety of exercises with the view that the students could talk positively at the end of the day’s session to their peer group.

Being able to communicate in groups is an essential tool moving forward as so many organisations will run assessment centres during their recruitment process, which may include a presentation.

At the end of the day, all of the students spoke to their peer group about a situation that they were passionate about. It was amazing to see how far the students had developed their self-confidence in such a short space of time.

Five of the students have been selected to speak at an Assembly with the view to one of those five going on to later represent Wilmington Academy in a high profile Showcase event.

The feedback following the event was exceptionally positive and the students mentioned that this would be of significant value to year 10 students as it would enhance their ability and self confidence for their spoken English examination.

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