Milestone @ The Leigh

From 6 November, sixteen students and six staff from Milestone Academy’s main site in New Ash Green moved into their new home in The Leigh Academy. This specialist space is one of Milestone’s three “satellite provisions” and aims to provide Milestone Academy students with access to inclusion opportunities, independence skills, and social experiences they might not otherwise have the chance to experience. Over time, Milestone @ The Leigh will grow to accommodate approximately thirty students in three classrooms.

Staff and students at The Leigh Academy have been extremely welcoming, introducing themselves to all at Milestone @ The Leigh, visiting the new classrooms, and joining in conversations on the school field and quad.

Milestone @ The Leigh students were not afraid to admit that there was some anxiety about their first day at The Leigh, but those feelings soon disappeared. They were especially impressed by the amazing lunches provided by Cucina, as well as the dignified Remembrance Day assembly attended by all Leigh Academy students.

Milestone and The Leigh have had a great working relationship for a long time,” says Kyle Marsh, Director of Milestone @ The Leigh. “We are looking forward to building on this great relationship as we fearlessly pursue inclusion and collaboration activities across both Academies.”

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