Remembrance service at The Leigh UTC

Throughout this week, students from across Inspiration Academy and The Leigh UTC have been learning about Remembrance and raising money for fallen and injured soldiers in support of the Royal British Legion. Students from all key stages have been selling poppies. Special thanks to Ruya Shukri (Y7) for making such beautiful crochet poppies that have been sold to staff and students.

On Friday 10th November all students took part in a service of Remembrance. Mr Arnould led the event that included a 2 minute silence, and laying of the wreaths on behalf of students, staff and stakeholders. Traditional readings and poetry read by students Amelia Cockran (Y13) and Ruya Shukri (Y7). Josephs Fasgbons (Y13) excellent poem that he wrote “Remembrance” (Below) was a huge highlight. Mr Clive Barker, CSB Logistics, Vice Chair of Governors was also in attendance and read ‘Taking a Stand’, by John Bailey. Mr Barker commented on the “Exemplary” manner in which the students took part in the event. Josephs beautiful poem “Remembrance”:

That time has come, but it’s also past
The Sacrifice they made, for our lives to last.

Wives turned to widows, families completely torn
Gave their lives, so for them we mourn.

Some gone forever, but souls never lost
I guess freedom comes, with this heavy cost.

We enjoy the life, they did preserve
The fate they suffered, but did not deserve.

That time has come, but lest we forget
To them we own, our life in debt.

Joseph Fasogbon Year 13 Leigh UTC Student

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