Molehill Primary Academy visit to Chigombe School in Milawi

During the October half-term break, Mike Etheridge (Vice Principal) and Jennifer Armstrong (Year 4 teacher) from Molehill Primary Academy visited Molehill’s link school in Salima, Malawi.
Molehill Primary Academy and Chigombe LEA School have been linked through the charity, Starfish Malawi, for the past two years. In this time the schools have exchanged letters, videos and teaching resources and when the opportunity to visit Chigombe was made available through the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms grant, it was happily agreed to.

In preparation for the visit, a comprehensive online training course on delivering key-educational skills was completed by designated staff members at both schools and a mutual action-plan created around the theme of ‘Quality Education for All’.

Both schools benefited greatly from the visit and expertise, methods of teaching and learning and cultural understandings were exchanged.  On 19th October, Molehill Primary Academy held a ‘Red, Black and Green’ day at school and raised the incredible sum of £391 to buy resources for Chigombe. Chalk, pencils, exercise books, footballs, netballs and many other resources were purchased and very gratefully received by the headteacher, head of the education committee and children.  Banners were also exchanged with handprints from the pupils, teachers and members of the local community in each of the schools captured in paint.

The visit has strengthened the link between the two schools and both schools are excited about the work which will continue in the future.

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