Star Centre – Splash suits and Diggers!

At the Star Centre pupils are enjoying getting outside to learn and play in all weather! The Autumn rain may have started, but Moonbeam Class have a set of funky new splash-suits that they love wearing to access the outdoors!

One of the children’s favourite activities this term has been watching the diggers arrive to begin the preparation for building our new Star Centre… we are very excited about this new development!

The Star Centre is a Milestone Academy satellite provision, located within the grounds of Dartford Primary Academy. It was formally adopted in September 2016, with the support of the governors of both schools, Leigh Academies Trust, the local authority and the regional Schools Commissioner. All pupils at the Centre have a Statement of SEN or an EHCP, and are subject to Milestone Academy’s admissions criteria. Their needs are identified as severe communication and interaction and learning difficulties and/or pupils with cognition and learning difficulties resulting from profound, severe and complex needs. The pupils based at the Star are those pupils who are able to access and benefit from inclusion opportunities with Dartford Primary Academy.