The Leigh UTC welcomes its first Inspiration Academy Year 7 students

The first Year 7 students to join the brand-new Inspiration Academy @ The Leigh UTC started their studies on Monday, 4th September. Students from 27 different primary schools made history as the first to transfer to a University Technical College in the country. Students at the Inspiration Academy follow a science, technology, engineering and mathematics rich curriculum that will provide all students with the experience, skills and values needed to prepare them properly for success at each stage of their future lives. These include examination courses at The Leigh UTC, apprenticeships and university pathways, enabling them to secure careers in the globally-competitive 21st century.

Inspiration Academy students joined The Leigh UTC students in the existing UTC building pending the opening of their own their state-of-the-art building in Summer 2018. Taking part in a wide range of exciting, engaging lessons in our ‘Wow Week’, Engineering students designed and manufactured their own metal ‘fidget spinners’, learning how to use a wide range of tools, machinery and undertake spot welding. Maths students have been learning how the subject is integral to everyday life, including being central to a wide range of future careers.

In science lessons, students have been studying cells, using microscopes and virtual-reality headsets, giving them an opportunity to explore the human body and follow blood cells through the different organs. During computing, English, art, German, humanities and PSHE lessons, students learned about themselves through ‘All About Me’ projects. In research and development lessons, students started an Accelerated Reader programme and we are delighted to announce that all Year 7 students have started studying the nationally – recognised science and technology ‘Discovery CREST’ award. Watch this space for updates.

As well as the Wow Week activities, which covered all learning areas, students were introduced to The Leigh UTC’s “Think, act, perform” mantra, which inspires excellence in everything we do. The week closed with our first official awards ceremony, during which students received awards for evidence of their espousal of this mantra.

Student Thomas Regan, previously from Wilmington Primary School said: “ I have had a great week. I have made new friends and loved learning how to spot-weld in Engineering when making my fidget-spinner. It was good to have the opportunity to make something myself that you can buy in the shops”.

Student Erin Northover-Letchford, previously from Temple Hill Primary Academy said: “ I have really enjoyed using the microscopes and virtual reality headsets in science to learn how blood flows and is used in the human body and what different cells look like under the microscope”.

Principal Steve Leahey said:  “It was a very proud moment seeing our new Year 7 intake embark on a new phase of their lives at the UTC. It was particularly impressive to watch so many of our new students receive awards at the end of the week for implementing our “Think, act, perform” values – truly inspirational”.

This has been an excellent week for everyone and a great start to our new students’ secondary school careers. We wish all of our students the best of luck and a very bright future and look forward to the continuing successes over the rest of the year.

OPEN DAY for Y7, Y10 and Y12 for 2018 enrolment Saturday, 23rd September, 9am – 1pm

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