Oaks Primary Academy’s Achievements in National Maths Contest

Before the half-term break, Years 1 to 6 at Oaks Primary Academy competed against 1,141 other classes in Sumdog’s National Maths Contest. The competition was open to all primary pupils from across the United Kingdom; all of Oaks’ classes placed in the top 50 – an incredible achievement.

Woodpeckers Class – Year 3 – were the school champions, coming 10th nationally, closely followed by Blackbirds (Year 2) in 13th place and Chaffinches (Year 6) in 15th position. On the Wednesday of the contest, Kingfisher Class (Year 5) were awarded a special certificate by Sumdog for being the highest scoring class nationally on that day. The contest coincided with the school’s Maths Week and ‘Sumdog’ certainly was the buzzword of the week.

As well as competing with their class, pupils were also allocated an individual ranking. Out of the 26,532 pupils who entered, 22 of the top 500 pupils came from Oaks Primary Academy, with the vast majority of the rest of their students placing in the top 2,500. Special congratulations must go to Mosope Tunde-Dauda from Chaffinch Class, who was ranked 81st overall. One of our Year 4 pupils – Nisa Karaca from Blue Jays class – was one of the most accurate pupils in the contest, with a remarkable accuracy percentage of 97%, and Year 6 pupil, Tawana Madivani, showed her mathematical prowess by answering over 2000 questions correctly in the space of just four days.

Sumdog is an online game-based learning tool for mathematics; in a Sumdog contest, success is based on accuracy. Every competitor is challenged at her or his own level as the games have an adaptive ‘learning engine,’ which ensures that pupils are set targets and are asked questions that have been personalised to their needs. Consequently, the level of difficulty increases as pupils answer more and more questions correctly. Each child has a target of at least 1000 questions to answer during the contest, which determines their individual ranking. An average score for the class is also calculated and this determines the class’s ranking.

Oaks’ pupils took to the contest with enthusiasm and with a clear determination to succeed; as well as competing during school time, most pupils played daily from home as well, showing impressive dedication. Although the contest has now ended, pupils have continued to log in and improve their maths skills, keeping up the competitiveness and drive that Oaks’ pupils are known for. Sumdog has really renewed the passion for maths throughout the school as they head into their final term and children already have their sights set on tackling Sumdog’s summer challenge during the six-week break.

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