Wilmington Academy Business Mentoring Review

Leigh Academies Trust’s Business Mentoring Scheme has had a huge impact over the past few months, with both mentors and students alike finding the experience very rewarding. The scheme was initially designed to raise student aspirations and prepare them for their next steps. However, from our review meeting in early May, it was clear that it had become so much more than this.

LAT’s mentors came from an eclectic range of industries and were matched with students based on common interests and potential career pathways. Students found that the experience helped them to develop skills, a sense of themselves, and to become more motivated in their academic studies. Mentors were incredibly complimentary about their mentees, giving many examples of where they felt that they had got just as much out of the scheme as the students themselves.

I found the mentoring sessions to be about more than just my future. It was a holistic experience, as my mentor took the time to find out how I was coping in my studies and what my interests were. As a result, I feel more confident in talking to anyone.” – Alfie Cox

I like how my mentoring sessions were driven by me, and what I needed. The experience definitely exceeded my expectations.” – Emma Selfe

I thoroughly recommend to anyone I see through networking or personal, to please take up a challenge to become a mentor at Wilmington Academy. All it takes is one hour per month, to give some encouragement to a student going forward.” – Maureen Johnson

We would like to thank all of the mentors who gave their time to help inspire and shape the minds of our students and to the mentees, who really took advantage of the opportunity to network with local employers.

If you are interested in becoming a Business Mentor, please contact nicola.king@wilmingtonacademy.org.uk.