Pre-training Information

On the basis that you are successful at interview and you accept a training place on UCAS, you can officially consider yourself to be a Trainee Teacher with Leigh Academies Trust – congratulations!

We can then support you in preparing for your training year ahead. This includes the following:

Leigh Academies Trust work closely with TES Institute to provide our trainees with Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) if they require it.  The online course will provide you with;

Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of your chosen subject
The ability to identify key concepts
The skills to design, present and evaluate pupil-centred lessons
Well-developed critical analysis, reflection and evaluation skills
Sound preparation for ITT
Some of the tools to become an outstanding teacher
The skills and knowledge to help your career progression
Ideas and activities that you can use in the classroom
View more information here.

One of the conditions of your training place is likely to be completion of the Skills Tests.  Everyone who embarks on Teacher Training needs to do these and there is plenty of help out there.  With our Training Provider, Kent & Medway Training, we run day/twilight sessions to support you through the tests to ensure they’re passed in a timely fashion.  Detailed information can be found here.

After your interview, both you and your Mentor will be able to exchange contact details making it easier to keep in contact.  Your contact can be as regular as both parties feel is necessary!

Familiarising yourself with the Academy you will be working in is certainly a must.  Learning your way around, where key departments are and the timetable for the school will go that one step further in making your first day easier and more comfortable.  The staff and students will already see you as a familiar face!

Our Summer Conference which will be hosted in August 2019 and is aimed at preparing our Trainees as much as possible before they commence the programme in September 2019.  Whilst this will be a relatively informal event, bringing all of our Trainees together allows us to begin sharing best practice, meet new people who will ultimately become your support network, and start forging long lasting relationships with your peers.  There will be a number of speakers and resource material made available for you on the day.

All trainees will be notified well in advance of the date – certainly not something to be missed!