KMT judged Good by Ofsted

Leigh Academies Trust is delighted with the outcome from the recent Ofsted inspection of KMT.

Over the past 6 years KMT has maintained high levels of outcomes and employment and managed this whilst at the same time increasing the number of schools and trainees that it works with. KMT currently works with over 70 schools and around 160 trainees. 25% of KMT trainees are training in LAT schools, both within secondary and primary. This is a significant development from previous years and we owe our gratitude to the efforts of Olivia Couzins, Head of Recruitment & Talent Management and Jenny Gray, Assistant Head Teacher, Mascalls Academy and Professional Tutor for Teacher Training, for all the fabulous work they do with regards recruitment for LAT and KMT.

KMT’s ethos is to Recruit, Train, Employ and Retain outstanding teachers within its consortium schools. LAT, KMT and now Ofsted, believe that we are doing this very well and the many positives have been captured in the final report (attached).

Stuart Russell, Director said “Special thanks also go to all those within LAT academies who were involved directly in the inspection process.”

Simon Beamish, Chairman of KMT and LAT CEO added “I am delighted with the outcome of the recent Ofsted report and look forward to continuing LAT’s partnership with KMT.”

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