Finance Fortnight at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Finance Fortnight captured the imaginations of Key Stage 3 students at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy who demonstrated their competitive spirit and money-making skills, showing true entrepreneurship over the two-week period in order to boost their tutor group’s chances of winning a coveted Cucina Breakfast!

The aim of the task was to help students understand how money ‘works’.  Led by Ms Donnelly, a Tutor-Group competition was devised.

In the lead up to the fortnight, students learnt how they could earn ‘credits’ (money) for their tutor group by completing community jobs across the Academy linked to our core values. They also learnt how to make money by investing in houses, cars and shares. Students were however also made aware of potential financial difficulties in life and could be ‘fined’ for lack of engagement or negativity and the fine was deducted from the group total!

Community jobs included cleaning in the restaurant, helping G4S and the site team, carrying out administrative tasks, designing and creating classroom displays and providing support to the SCWA High School Musical production!

Well done to 7DME (Ashdown), 9JTT (Delamere) and 8TMA (Sherwood) who ended with the most money in each of their schools!

Congratulations to individual winners in each tutor group who showed tremendous commitment and enthusiasm for the project. Each winner received a £10 gift voucher from Mrs Donnelly in Ashdown School.

Students said:
It was great to experience having a job and learning how money could affect you in the future.”

I discovered what it was like to be an adult and learnt some of the decisions that people have to make when older.”

I really enjoyed being rewarded with credits.”

When asked what they enjoyed most about the
fortnight staff said:

“School ambience and drive to work hard.”

“Working as a team with my tutor group, seeing students take
responsibility and working together. The competition was
also a lot of fun!”

“Encouraging students to contribute to a Wellbeing economy, really encouraged a lot of debate e.g. Student X did 2 jobs but Student Y did none, but both could benefit from the breakfast. Is this fair? This generated a really good debate!”

“Fantastic to educate students on fraud and credit card debt, they were shocked!”

Thanks also to all of the staff who provided community jobs, awarded credits (and fines), teachers who linked their lessons to the finance theme, Cucina for an amazing breakfast and tutors who had to prepare for the sessions and those who encouraged their groups.

Financial support from the Stationers’ Company allowed the academy to produce resources, print the ‘credits’ and booklets as well as purchase prizes.

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy will be looking at all of the feedback from students and staff and are already planning to make ‘FF 2018’ even bigger and better!

Finally, many thanks to The Stationers’ Company for funding this superb initiative.