Year 10 High Achieving Pupils event at Longfield Academy

On Monday 10 July, evening Year 10 pupils and their parents were invited to attend the second annual ‘High Achieving Pupils Event’ at Longfield Academy. With an emphasis on helping students to prepare effectively for the next 12 months, Mr Lever, Miss Marlborough, Miss Smith and Mrs Mulheran covered a range of useful topics, including time-management, revision tips and how parents can best support their children through the challenging GCSE year ahead. The audience also heard from Salha, a Y12 student, who achieved an amazing 9 GCSEs at A*and A grades. She was able to share her top tips and best advice, as well as inspire our current Year 10s, demonstrating what is possible when you work hard to achieve your very best.

The evening came to a close with our keynote speaker, author and career coach Erica Sosna, who delivered an inspirational talk entitled ‘How to be a bright and shining star’. As well as focussing on the importance of academic achievement, Erica highlighted the need to understand ourselves when thinking about our future pathways. By asking students and their parents to discuss a number of key questions, including ‘What did I really love to do when I was 5 years old?’, she was able to prompt some really fascinating discussions. In fact, by the end of the session it became clear that it was not only the students who were thinking about their future career options!