The Art of Autism at The Spectrum Centre, Longfield Academy

As part of Autism Awareness month the students from the Spectrum Centre at Longfield Academy have been designing and developing their own pieces of art to be displayed at the Stephen Oliver Gallery in Dartford. Various pieces have been painted on canvas, paper and through 3D models, all highlighting different interests and thoughts.

We are extremely proud of the way students have wanted to share their ideas and the amount of pride they have taken in their work.  The Exhibition is on show to the public from the 1st – 30th April and is situated in the Orchard Shopping Centre in Dartford. Year 7 students, Morgan Scott, Damien Jam, Daniel Plumridge, Connor Jones and Philips Watts will be displaying their work alongside other students’ art work from the Spectrum Centre.

When viewing the work, Heather Monks, DOL for SEND, said “I am thrilled with the standard of work and how well each student has expressed themselves”.

We would like to thank Cllr Mandy Garford and local artist Stephen Oliver for helping to promote Autism Awareness in Dartford and for allowing students to be part of such an exciting art project.



Students of the Spectrum Centre
Mrs J Mulholland