Golden Ticket enthusiasm sweeps through Year 11 at Longfield Academy

Longfield Academy has recently introduced Golden Tickets as rewards for students in Year 11. When a student goes above and beyond in their efforts to ensure they are prepared for their exams, whether that be completing some extra work in class, attending a revision session or completing exam practise, they are rewarded by receiving a Golden Ticket from a member of staff. This ticket is filled in with the details of how they achieved it and the students then place them in the Golden Box on reception.

Tickets are counted and logged.  At the end of term, a celebration assembly takes place where students are rewarded for their fantastic efforts.  Prizes are given for the students who have received the most Golden Tickets in each college and there is a prize for the student with the highest number of tickets overall.  LAT and Longfield Academy are very grateful to be supported by both Nando’s and Costa Coffee in order to be able to offer these prizes.

The big prize however, of a £30 Bluewater voucher, is chosen by pulling one winning ticket from the box… That person could have dozens of tickets in the box or just the one but you have to be in it to win it!