Langley Park Primary Academy students take part in SPRK+ by Sphero workshop

An excited Year 2 took part in a SPRK+ by Sphero workshop hosted by Daniel Bull of LAT’s IT Training team and Timo Chiciudean from our┬áTrust Design team on Wednesday 22nd February, tackling challenges and completing a maze.

14 Year 2 children at Langley Park Primary Academy were given the opportunity to investigate new coding technology in order to gain an understanding of sequencing, programming and debugging. The challenges ranged from programming the SPRK+ to move across the room, over a line and then back again, to completing a challenging maze and over a ramp. This was the first time the children had experienced more complex coding and they progressed from nervous novices to confident intermediates in the space of an couple of hours.

Half-way through the afternoon the children were already so excited about what they had achieved and proclaimed themselves to be the ‘luckiest children ever!’.

A big well done to George Scamp for being the first child to program the SPRK+ to navigate the maze and get over the ramp.

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