Hartley Primary Academy Year 6 STEM Day

28 lucky Year 6 pupils of Hartley  Primary Academy were recently treated to a scientifically satisfying day at Longfield Academy. This STEM day was to explore solutions for the planet’s problems (such as the sustainability crisis). Pupils learnt that STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

In the early session, they were given mysterious envelopes containing fascinating facts on the world’s environmental issues. This was a team building exercise in which the pupils had to order their different processes. For the second morning session, groups were given the mind-boggling task of piecing together a paper puzzle of a sustainability crisis problem. They looked at waste, air pollution, water pollution, recycling and deforestation. They then wrote all the facts they had learnt around the puzzle. Afterwards, the pupils rated each others’ contribution to a team poster. There were some important team skills like, organisation and questioning that they could apply to their STEM abilities in later life.

The final task of the day was to choose a problem to solve linked to environmental or sustainability issues. Some examples were homelessness, waste management, public safety, global warming and deforestation. The groups discussed the problem they wanted to tackle before creating a solution and finally, presenting their finished projects to an audience of Longfield students.

Year 6 all enjoyed this educational and interesting STEM filled day and said that their favourite part was presenting to the older pupils of Longfield Academy.

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