International Day at Molehill Primary Academy

On the first day back of term 3, Molehill Primary Academy held an ‘International Day’.  Each of the phases in the school chose a continent to focus on and completed a carousel of activities.

Foundation Stage chose to study Australia, Key Stage 1 chose Africa, Lower Key Stage 2 chose Asia and Upper Key Stage 2 chose to focus on South America.

There was a wide range of activities including re-creating paintings of the Brazilian artist ‘Romero Britto’, Chinese shadow-puppet making and composing African music. Children also learned about the Japanese system of writing called ‘Kanji’ and created some contemporary Chilean artwork.

Also, as part of the day, Chris Knott and Holly Nicholls from Starfish Malawi came to regale children with traditional Malawian tales such as ‘The Hungry Zebra’ and ‘The tale of the spider and the fly’.

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