Inspirational story-teller, Genny Jones visits Molehill Primary Academy

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 at Molehill Primary Academy invited Genny Jones (aka Confidence Queen) to tell them traditional African creation stories. They listened, entranced, to her tales of Anansi (did you know why the spider has 8 legs?) and re-enacted the party held by the sun, moon and water in a tale that explained why the sun and moon hang in the sky. They sang, danced and were filled with inspiration, ready to write their own creation stories.

Genny’s visit complemented a unit exploring Evolution and Creation theories. Pupils developed understanding of other cultures and respect for opposing ideas, whilst developing an understanding of their own beliefs.

Genny said of her visit to Molehill Primary Academy:

 “Thanks for inviting me to do a story session with your school.  I found the whole experience very rewarding as both the children and teachers were open to engage with me and participated in listening to the stories, dressing up, singing and dancing.   I loved the fact that the children could ask me questions and had prior knowledge about Africa through the work they had been doing. I really loved my time with the school and look forward to doing some more sessions in the future.”


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