Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy welcomes Master Stationer, Mr Ian Bennett

Students and staff at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy were delighted to welcome Mr Ian Bennett, the newly appointed Master of the Stationers’ Company, to the Academy on 26 Monday September 2016.

Mr Bennett and fellow Stationer William Alden, together with Bob Findlay, Chairman of Leigh Academies Trust and Simon Beamish, CEO, were given a tour of the Academy by students who were thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to guests about Academy life and their pride in being part of the school community.

Deputy Principal, Emma Smith, provided an update on latest developments to the exciting and innovative Digital Media Centre, which the Stationers’ Company are sponsoring and, when complete, will provide an exceptional learning facility for students, with high-end equipment to rival that of any business.

Ian Bennett shared his excitement in the project and said how much he looked forward to the opportunities it would bring to students: “We are in a fast-paced, ever changing world – very soon mobile phones will be the computers of the future and with the Academy being located so close to London, it’s vital that young people are taught digital skills that will help them secure top jobs and contribute to technological developments in the future.”

David Millar, Executive Principal said: “We are very grateful to the Stationers’ Company for their investment in the future of our students, not only financially, but also through mentoring programmes, work experience and industry placements.”