Bresser Photos inspire Year 5 at Hartley Primary Academy

At the end of the last academic year, the children and teachers in Year 5 learnt that there is more to photography than just ‘point and shoot’! Peter Bresser of spent the morning with some of our older children.

Peter delivered an interesting assembly to KS2 talking about the skills that are required to make a successful photographer.

  • creativity and a good eye for shape, form and colour
  • practical and technical photography skills
  • excellent communication and ‘people’ skills
  • the ability to make people feel relaxed
  • patience and concentration
  • reliability, and good organisation and time-management skills
  • computer skills, for using digital imaging programmes like Photoshop
  • good business sense and the ability to market yourself (if self-employed)
  • motivation and determination

He talked about the many different areas of photography:

  • general or social – weddings and portraits
  • advertising and editorial – advertisements, magazines and photo libraries
  • press and photojournalism – newspapers and other news publications
  • fashion – photographing models and clothing for magazines and catalogues
  • corporate (industrial/commercial) – company promotional material
  • scientific or medical – recording scientific research, or medical conditions and treatments

Year 5 then had the opportunity to look at some of the ‘interesting’ shots that can be captured using iPads.

“I found the visit inspirational! It has made me think about becoming a photographer myself.”

Rosie, Year 5

“I really enjoyed the visit and learning about lots of different ways of taking photos and I have tried doing some at home.”

Mia, Year 5

“I have learnt a lot of different skills that I will be able to use in later life.”

Frankie, Year 5