Careers advice from local employers boosts UTC students’ confidence and future earning power

Students attending the Leigh UTC are benefiting from careers advice from local employers, which not only makes them more confident about getting a job, but could boost their future earnings by 10 per cent, according to an education charity today (20 July 2016).

The findings, part of a national survey of students attending University Technical Colleges (UTCs) across the country, show that 88 per cent of students at the Leigh UTC said visits to local workplaces were the most helpful source of information in planning their careers. Furthermore, 91 per cent are confident of getting a job suited to their skills when they have finished their studies.

The results support research by the Institute for Employment Studies which shows that young people who attend more careers talks by employers are more confident about their future, make more successful transitions from secondary schooling into employment, apprenticeships or higher education, and even earn higher salaries 10 years into their career compared with their peers.

Leigh UTC Principal, Stephen Leahey, said:
‘The great relationships we have with local employers like Eurostar and BAE Systems means students have opportunities like work experience, employer-led projects and face-to-face talks with employers. Because students are well-informed and able to develop crucial workplace skills like team working and communication, they feel more confident, not only about the direction they want to take their career, but that they’re able to achieve it.’

UTCs are state schools which offer 14-19 year olds the opportunity to study technical subjects, such as engineering or design technology, alongside the core curriculum and they are sponsored by local employers and universities. The Annual UTC Student Survey was commissioned by the Baker Dearing Educational Trust which supports UTCs.