Wilmington Academy – Getting ready for employment…


Applying for jobs or a university placement can be daunting, however, like most journeys, a little planning can help make the experience a positive one.

With this in mind, as part of Wilmington Academy’s Year 12 Project Based Learning Week, students took part in mock interviews, which required them to apply to fictitious job roles in the creative, engineering, and business sectors.  Interviewers were recruitment specialists and really put the students through their paces.

A big thank you to all our interviewers: Daniel Goodwin, Katie Dine, Hilary Connelly (Sugarman Education), Alan Fletcher (Alan Fletcher Solutions), Rob Brack (Adgistics), and Chris Morley (Congreve IT Solutions).

Congratulations to all students who took part, and in particular, our stand out winning candidates: Jordan Keating, James Shrubb, Lewis Holmes, Chloe Mann, Kieran Bennett, and Emma Farren.

Student Feedback:

“I found it very inspiring and helpful.” – Nicole Munn

“The interviews were a good insight into the best way to present myself in the future.” – Sam Wickham

Interviewer Feedback:

“…it was one of the best things I’ve done in years, I absolutely loved being with you, the school and the pupils today. I learnt a huge amount too and I feel very proud of the school.” – Hilary Connelly

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