Langley Park Primary Academy – On Top of the World!

Langley Park Primary Academy welcomed a group of visitors on Tuesday 26th April 2016 to celebrate the progress and view the world from the roof. Simon Beamish, Stuart Reeves and Neil Willis along with representatives from the Maidstone Cluster of primary academies, including Libby Fidock, Principal from September and Deborah Biggenden Executive Principal, were taken on a guided tour by Osbourne Builders. The building remains wrapped, but the brickwork will be completed by the end of April and progress is being made inside, with studwork in place and the stunning light-well ready for the glass.


From left to right: Upstairs corridor with the light-well through to the ground floor, View over the football pitch to the area which will eventually be a nature reserve, Building on track, ready to open in September 2016.


The staffing is building for opening in September. Teaching staff are all in place, with a range of experience making up the team; from a trainee teacher to a talented  EYFS leader. We have appointed an experienced Inclusion leader to oversee the ASD provision and the day-to-day SENCo role . With support staff, we have our office manager in post and last week interviewed for the Family Liasion Officer, where we were able to attract an ex-police officer with CP experience. We are interviewing on Thursday for 2 Nursery Nurses and we will then plan for any additional staff we may need.


A welcome letter has been sent to all the parents allocated a place at Langley Park Primary Academy for their child and this will be followed shortly by a welcome pack with further information. We are awaiting confirmation to hire Langley Village Hall on Friday 15th July for a meeting with parents, carers and children to introduce the team before we open in September.


The uniform has been confirmed and the order has been placed ready for June/July.


Key information has been shared so the website can be developed. A Facebook page has been created to share additional information – this will be further advertised in the next term.