Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy achieves Full Investor in Careers Award

Congratulations to Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy on achieving the Full Investor in Careers Award.

The assessor was very complimentary about the standards of careers work at SCWA. She particularly noted how all students with a wide variety of needs are supported in moving onto the next steps in education, employment-based training or apprenticeships.

A special thanks to Naomi Young for all the work she has done at the academy and her meticulous organisation of the folder of evidence and the assessment days – these really showed SCWA at their best.

Leigh Academies Trust aims to achieve the Investor in Careers Award in all its academies. Stationers Crown Woods Academy joins Mascalls Academy and Longfield Academy who already have the award. The award is valid for three years and then each Academy has to be re-assessed.

Students who join one of the Trust academies will have a special journey both educationally and preparing them for their future beyond.