Eastcote Primary Academy in Bexley Joins Leigh Academies Trust

I am delighted to report that Eastcote Primary Academy becomes LAT’s thirteenth school from Monday. Eastcote also brings into LAT its fifth nursery provision for pre-school age children. All necessary processes have been completed successfully to meet the deadline that we set for the School’s conversion to academy status and membership of LAT.

Eastcote becomes the second academy within LAT’s growing South East London Cluster. It is already a ‘Good’ school, achieves well at all key stages and enjoys modern facilities and plentiful green spaces. Eastcote has many talented staff who will contribute much to the wider Trust and no doubt gain much in return.

Joining the Trust for Eastcote will mean much closer working partnerships with Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy in particular. Both Academies will be governed by a single Academy Board to ensure strong working relationships at governor level. Effective collaboration will extend to leaders, teaching staff and support staff. We also plan to create opportunities for students to work across phases in the local area.

I am especially grateful to Principal, David Ball, who has led the process so effectively on behalf of Eastcote and now welcome him and his team to the ‘Leigh family of schools’.

Simon Beamish
Chief Executive

January 2016