Students learn to code with BBC micro:bit

Learning to code is becoming increasingly useful as the world becomes ever more digital. Newly-launched by the BBC, micro:bit is a programmable device which helps to teach students this valuable skill. Each Year 7 student is entitled to a free device, and Milestone Academy is leading the way at Leigh Academies Trust by being the first to get involved in this exciting scheme.

micro:bit has several features, such as 25 LED lights which can create messages, programmable buttons that can be used to control games or pause and skip songs on a playlist, and motion detection. It can even connect to other devices and the internet via a low-energy Bluetooth connection.

Students are able to write their own code to control the micro:bit by accessing the BBC website, and can also share their scripts with others. If your academy would like to get involved, visit and register today.

We’re excited to see what Milestone Academy students come up with!